The perks of being in an open relationship

Open relationships are scary if you don't know what you're doing, and awesome if you do. Here's why more people are finding favour in open relationships.


The modern era has seen the definition of relationships change from its focus on piety and fidelity to the current standards of a complicated relationship. Our professional spheres and personal sensibilities have evolved to such extent that what used to be unthinkable earlier. In such revolutionary situation, it is no wonder that concepts like open relationships find favour.  While earlier a relationship would constitute between two individuals, coming together to form a blissful union, an open relationship is where both the partners are free to see other people. While many find it incredulous to be in such an arrangement, in fact, more people are finding favour in open relationships and here’s why:



·         You get to be with other people

Complacency and static relationships are the bane of the current generation. We are in the prime of our virility and prefer exploring- something that monogamous relationship can’t offer. Being in an open relationship means one can get to be with other people and aren’t limited to just one person. Unlike contrary notions, humans are not wired to be monogamous and are often found indulging in side-relationships to explore. This gives you a chance to try multiple partners before settling down.



·         More varied sex

It is an open thing that having a single partner can lead to stagnancy in a relationship and in bed. We get the intimacy from one person on a regular basis and soon, it turns out to be a chore, rather than a gift. To spice things up and add variety, one can indulge in an open relationship. Not only do you get to explore your sexuality and preference, you get to learn new tricks to keep your main partner satisfied. This doubles the desire and creates an explosive cocktail of passion guaranteed to rock your life.



·         You don’t miss out

Fear of missing out is a constant thing in the minds of every individual, where missed out opportunities end up haunting us for longer periods.  One needs to seize whichever opportunity that comes across the way- be it a romp in the jungle with a sexy student or a saucy strip poker with someone way matured. In an open relationship, you get to experience every opportunity, acting on your desires and you never go home feeling that pang of regret. One needs to explore to the fullest before going steady and open relationships facilitate that.



·         You don’t get bored

Boredom has killed plenty of relationships and dusted various grave. We are not set for a life filled with boredom and stagnancy.  As one is getting a more varied sex life and seeing more people, open relationships rejuvenate and refreshes bonds and the mind. This can help to prevent things from settling into that ‘familiar’ territory and keep things exciting a lot longer. While familiarity was initially viewed as a positive thing, too much of it can kill the vibe. Hence, open relationships shake things up and keep the situations peppy.




·         Stirs up competition

The need to feel desired is common in every human being- we all want the attention and love from the stars and above. Yet, after a while relationships bring the chills out of us and we feel unloved and tend to stray. Being in an open relationship keeps the competition and desirability alive. The main partner realizes that you are surrounded with a variety of options and tries his/her best to develop their importance in your life through showing affection and attention.



Although there are a variety of perks, being in an open relationship is a mixed blessing. With all its fairness and flexibility, it can also be a very painful experience that causes us to feel a range of emotions which are unhealthy for our psyche. The best way to approach this is to know what you are getting into. Meet couples in open relationship, study about it and take baby steps towards achieving your desires. It is a fun, adventure filled ride that would take a lifetime to cherish and savour through good and bad. Certainly, life may get ugly yet, it is the choices we make which would set the tone of our outcomes.


By Ms. Solene Paillet, Head of Communication Management of Gleeden



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