For a sapiosexual, mind is the hottest body part!

In a society where physical appearance is known as sex appeal, the thought of sapiosexuality has been mildly holding the clutch in present years.


Sapiosexuality is basically an appeal to intelligence. This does not mean that sapiosexual people do not value other body parts of the opposite sex; it simply means that they think extra miles for their relationship. Furthermore, they relish intellectual communication, and witty chitchat under the sheets. Having an impenetrable knowledge of sapiosexuality will not only help you to find out what you're searching for if you're single, but it can also help you to find new mediums to turn yourself on if you are mingle.


Signs that your girl is Sapio Sexual!


#1 She will not find you instantaneously attractive:

Not like other girls, she just gets fascinated towards your physical appearance. The more she talks to you the more she will indulge in you. To sapio girls’ way of talking and confidence are a big time turn on stuff.



#2 She will have intellectual conversation over casual sex:

Don’t misinterpret this, guys. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to do intercourse, it simply means she is happy in a relationship that is more about the intelligence than only being physical.


#3 She will be impressed by what you know than what you have:

Lavishness, class or looks are at the last in a sapio’s list or we can say not in the list. For her, understanding and knowledge makes the way towards a happy relationship.


#4 Rough is diamond for her:

A great communication on anything with her makes you diamond of her heart than gifting her original diamond.



#5 Impress her by Knowledge:

Your sapio girl can easily turn on by intellectuality, which also includes basic knowledge of everyday life.


So if you're nodding in an agreement so far, there’s a big possibility that you would be turned on by intelligence.

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