Sex secret your woman wants you to know!

Want to become the best man to your woman? Next time, whenever you are in bed with your woman, don’t forget these fantasies of her that she surely wants you to know. This time surprise her with what she wants!


Just like men, women also have sex fantasies which they want their men to know on their own. Since your women will not notify you and you won’t be able to know on your own, FHM India has made the work easy for you. Here’s an exact idea about what she is looking for. And if you are doing all these things correctly, then you are on the right track.



A good communication is the big time arousal

Most of the women turn-on with a nice talk, as for them, having good communication is equal to feeling loved which is fundamental. Not only in bed but also while walking or while relaxing, it’s the key. During those intimate moments, you need to tell her how much you love her and rest be assured that she will be by your side for the whole life.



For a woman sex is a part of her personal life

Her personal life blossoms her physical life, whereas men don’t feel the same. A woman needs feelings to have a satisfying experience. Severity or rude tone can make it difficult for her to have good intimate moments.



Non-sexual touching makes her feel more special

A woman loves cuddling, holding hand, romantic talks and baby kisses from her guy. A woman surely makes her man realise that she loves it. These feelings can make her relish sex even better.



No need to be serious while having sex

Be playful while having sex, it makes her feel happy and loving. Most of the men are very serious while having sex, but it can be a turn off for her. So playfulness can make intimate moments more relaxing than serious intimate moments.



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