Speed 'N' Style: Vilas Nayak

Speed 'N' Style: Vilas Nayak

Vilas Nayak, a former HR professional with an MNC decided to finally give up the mundane and follow his heart by becoming a full time performance painter. Rest, from the horse’s mouth...

How would you describe what you do?

I just call it Hues and Tunes! Because it’s the dance of colours to the tunes of music.

When did you start painting? How did speed painting happen to you?

I started painting at the age of three. Whatever I do is practically by trial and error method, because I didn’t learn it from any school of art. Very interestingly, when I was in school one of the judges came late and asked us to complete the sketch in five minutes. I got the first place in that competition and realised I could sketch really fast. My first live, on-stage performance was in 2004 during college days. I have worked hard from then onward to improve accuracy and speed.

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