An Airy Affair: iPad Air

An Airy Affair: iPad Air

There are tablets from companies such as Huawei, Honor, Lenovo and Samsung. They work fine and should be apt for everyone looking for a personal mobile device that is larger than their cell phones. And then there are Apple iPads, which place great computing power at the palms of their customers. That the new iPad Air is more powerful and far more capable than the older, second-generation iPad Air, is not surprising. What is surprising is that it is as good for basic productivity as the iPad Pro. Both of them come with the A12 bionic chip, and whereas the iPad Pro comes with 6GB RAM, iPad Air’s 3GB LPDDRX RAM should be enough for all the tasks that you throw at it. Don’t expect, however, that you can substitute the iPad Pro with the iPad Air.

That being said, the iPad Air is a really capable tablet. It has really great internals, and for the price that you pay, is a great substitute for a laptop, provided you are comfortable in subscribing to the Apple ecosystem. For storage, you get either a 64GB or a 256GB. The front camera has been upgraded to a 7MP 1080P camera, which makes video calling and FaceTiming a joy. However, the main camera is the older, 8MP sensor from the previous generation. Consequently shooting 4K videos is out of the question. Also, as great as optics generally is with most Apple mobile devices, iPad Air’s main camera, leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t get us wrong, it is not abhorrently bad. For most daily use scenarios, it is quite decent, just not breathtaking.

As for connectivity, it is a classic Apple affair. You get WiFi, 4G LTE connectivity and an eSim, depending on the configuration that you go for. As for the wired connections, things get a little bizarre, as you still get a 3.5mm headphone jack and a lightning connector, instead of a USB-C port, even though the iPad Pro, along with the latest MacBooks use the new connector. You also get the option to connect a keyboard via special, or Smart Connectors. Pretty neat, right? Not as neat as the 10.5-inch retina display, which now supports a wider colour gamut and True Tone display. Also, the new iPad Air supports the Pencil, Apple’s interpretation of the stylus.

The iPad Air’s position in the current line up for iPads may seem confusing to a lot of people, especially considering that the Indian market is still awash with a lot of their products from their previous generations. However, the capabilities and the cleverly engineered “shortcomings” of the iPad Air is what makes it appealing. Want something that is a little more capable than the basic iPad, can be properly used as a substitute for a decent laptop, but don’t want to splurge as much as an iPad Pro? Then the iPad Air is your answer.

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