Be My Genie

Be My Genie

Tardiness is the mother of all invention. Man domesticated wild beasts, invented the wheel, kicked off the industrial revolution, enslaved half the world and then went on to create robots, all so that we can get away with doing the least amount of work possible. So far, it seems like we have succeeded as well, considering that we are spoiled for choices and can acquire anything with just a few clicks, from all kind of domains such as shopping to entertainment to food or transport. The list is endless.

However, even though our offices and factories are almost entirely automated, there is one domain that is still relatively untouched from the invasion of sloth inspired technology, i.e., our homes. In that space, we still use our very own hands and feet to handle every task. Well, not anymore as we bring to you the latest home automation devices that will transform your home into the ultimate genie that will do what you want, when you want, in just a few clicks.


Now finally, picture this, you get all cosy in your bed during a cold winter night, but you forgot to turn off the light, oh what a plight. Instead to fighting with every single cell in your body to get up and ruin your comfort, you can now just switch the light off with your smartphone, since these new types of smart lights come with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity to be controlled remotely. You can even dim the lights if you just want to set the mood. You can easily get smart lights from various companies on Amazon or Flipkart in all different shapes and sizes, including but not limited to LED bulbs, LED rods, LED strips and even decorative lamps.

Starting Price: Syska-800, TP-Link Rs. 1000, Mi Rs. 1200, Philips Rs. 1300, among others


Imagine this, you left the house in a hurry, but forgot to switch off the geyser in the flurry, oh what a worry. Instead of turning around halfway to the office, you can now switch off the appliance with the help of smart plugs and switches that are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled from miles away with just an app. You can even set a scheduled time for the appliance to turn on or off automatically. These switches can be found on Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart from the same companies that make the bulbs.

Starting Price: Homemate Rs. 1200, TP-Link Rs. 1500, Anchor Rs. 1600


Food for thought, you are about to reach your place, when you remember the heated room you have to eventually face, oh how to find solace. Instead of panting like a dog while the air conditioning cools down the room, you can now start the AC and set it to your optimal temperature, while still in your car. This can be done with Wi-Fi enabled universal control hubs that can control various functions of different devices, beyond just turning them on or off. They receive commands from you via Wi-Fi, through an app, and execute them using IR blaster technology that is already used in most remote controls (see the transparent glass bulb in front of remotes) to control these devices. This way your smartphone can become your universal remote for a host of appliances, such as home theatre system, television, radio and so much more. You can get these hubs on Amazon, Flipkart or Indiamart.

Starting Price: Orvibo Rs. 1200, Broadlink Rs. 1800, HomeMate Rs. 2600, Logitech Rs. 9000


Picture this, your phone is dead and the remotes are out of sight, how will you control your smart devices and lights, oh what a sight. This is where a voice assistant and dozens of smart speakers can help you control almost all aspects of your home, from the lights, to the sound system, your IR hub as well as any security system you have in place. The main three are Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, with the first two getting support for most, if not all smart devices around your home. The speakers come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, depending on your budget and general preference. You can get these online on Amazon, Flipkart or even through physical electronic stores if that is more your style. Between these devices, you will be able to control other devices in your home from wherever you are. This level of control without exerting any effort at all is the thing that lazy people dream about. If this is the present, we can’t wait to see what the real future has in store for us.

Starting Price: Alexa Rs. 4000, Google Rs. 4000 SMART 

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