Google Maps Testing Off Route Alerts

Google Maps Off Route Alerts

Women's safety is one of the biggest concerns facing our country today. Even though a lot has been done to improve vigilance and sensitivity in home and work environments, the commute still remains an essential part of a woman's day where she is quite vulnerable. Even ride hailing apps can't guarantee a safe journey all the time, as some predators lurk in the cabs themselves.

To help reduce some of this stress, Google Maps is testing a new feature that will send you "off-route" alerts in case you get off the original route and exceed a distance of about 500 meters in the wrong direction. To avoid confusion, your route won’t get rerouted automatically, when this feature is active and you get on the wrong road. This is a great way of making sure that you don't get tricked by a cab driver while travelling in an unfamiliar location. This is not only good for women's safety, but also for regular users who don't want to get lost.

This feature is still in testing mode and may not appear for everyone. Just keep checking the app before you "Start" navigation, to see a button called "Stay Safer". You will find the "Get Off-Route Alerts" in this section. Pressing it will automatically adjust your settings accordingly. This will certainly be a welcome move for women in India, as well as tourists from all over the world.

Google has been doing a lot of testing lately, in regards to these type of India-specific improvements for their products. Just recently, Google also started rolling out an advanced way of tracking delays in public transport, a much appreciated speedometer and speed camera indicator, as well as the ability to find accurate auto fares for last mile connectivity. This showcases that Google views India as a big and useful market, where they can gain a lot by providing international solutions to local problems. We are just happy to receive the attention. Hopefully, this move will mark a drastic drop down in commute centric crimes.

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