Meet Jordan Casey, the youngest app developer

Age No Bar

FHM: Did you aspire to become an app developer or it happened by chance?
Jordan: I started programming when I was 9. Just web programming, not app programming. I just wanted to expand to a different platform. Never in a million years, I thought that I would’ve have become this successful though.

FHM: You are just 13. What would you be doing when you are 20?
Jordan: I want to build up my company (Casey Games) and expand to different platforms like Xbox.

FHM: According to you how do you think mobile computing is going to change the world?
Jordan: I think it will massively change the world. Maybe, eventually, there will be a time where there will be no need for desktops. Like, I can do basically anything with an Android tablet and a PC. I can download anything. Maybe with iPad/iPhone, they are more restrictions but for people who just use them for browsing, I would recommend getting a tablet than a PC. I think they can help with disability too. Like Apple’s voiceover feature and how it helps with blind people.

FHM: Why iOS, considering Android is the largest mobile OS?
Jordan: iOS because I’m an Apple fanboy but now Casey Games publish to Android too and hopefully with the help of Microsoft, Windows 8 soon. We are trying to be fully cross-platform.

FHM: Who is the target audience for ‘Casey Games’?
Jordan: Kids 6-16, hopefully soon we can develop a casual game, they seem to be really popular with all audiences.

FHM: Do you think there can be a mismatch between the games you produce and your target audience?
Jordan: Not really considering. I’m a kid and I know what kind of games I like. That kind of gives me an advantage.

FHM: Who has inspired you the most in your life?
Jordan: Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, creator of the smash hit independent game, Minecraft, is one of the most inspirational people I have met so far. He showed me that you don’t need to be a big company to create a successful game.

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