Tools of Adrenaline

Tools of Adrenaline

Drift HD Ghost

The main challenger to market leader GoPro, the Ghost is one of the only action cameras on the market fitted with an integrated screen so you can review your videos on the spot. It also has a wireless remote to control the camera from afar.

It’s a slick shape and I like the integrated screen, as it means you can actually see what the camera’s looking at. It’s a bit bigger than the others, but I can’t feel any extra weight when I’m using it. The picture quality’s amazing and it’s got a nice wide angle to capture as much of the action as possible, but the sound’s so loud it’s a bit distorted.

Contour Roam 2

No Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, no frills — just one sliding button to start and stop recording. This is an entry-level device for those looking to record stuff on the go without busting the bank.

It’s quite heavy and bulky, but I like the aesthetics. It’s the simplest to use, and the way it’s mounted is really cool — it doesn’t clip in, but you slide it into the mount so far that it feels totally secure.

It looks like a wide shot, but the colours are dull and the picture quality’s nowhere near as sharp as the others. It wouldn’t be any good for proper video editing.

GoPro HD Hero 3

Used by everyone from pro snowboarders to security guards, scuba-divers to Hollywood filmmakers, California-based GoPro cameras have hit the mainstream and are set on world domination.

The camera’s in a case, so if you hit the floor hard, it’s protected — pretty much indestructible. Not as simple to use as the rest, but you benefit from the extra features when you learn how to use it.

Even mounted on the handlebars, you can get both hands in the shot — it’s unreal. The sun is full-on in the camera but there’s no glare, and the colours are realistic too.

Ion Air Pro Wi-fi

The Air Pro isn’t packed with bells-and-whistles functions, but it is surprisingly light, waterproof up to 9m, and comes with built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to live-stream footage on your smartphone.

It’s a monstrosity of a mounting kit — I thought I was going to impale myself on it at one point, but I like the bullet shape, and all I had to do was flick one switch. Simple for a simple person like me.

Good sound, good colour, and there is no vibration, so the picture’s steady. But the angle’s just not wide enough — it’s not capturing the whole shot.

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