A Touch of Nostalgia - iPod Touch 2019 Edition

A Touch of Nostalgia - iPod Touch 2019 Edition

The iPod was a revolutionary product, as it changed the way we thought of both music players and gadgets in general. With the launch of the iPod touch, music players went from being single-use devices to the equivalent of a smartphone, only without the phone.

Which is why the iPod touch till date remains one of the most beloved products on the Apple line-up. In fact, with smartphone's increasing in size with every update, there's something charming about the old 4-inch design that still attracts Apple purists. To cater to this crowd, Apple has released an update to the iPod touch, the first one in 4 years.

The new iPod Touch borrows the A10 Fusion processor from the iPhone 7. It's a big jump from the previous iPod Touch that featured the A8 processor. In terms of real-life performance, Apple claims an improvement of 2X in terms of CPU speed and 3X in terms of GPU speed, over the previous model.

This makes this model quite future proof, as the processor is quite capable of handling current gen apps, and even a potential upgrade to iOS 13. Apple is counting on the iPod to handle almost any task, since it will be a great gateway device to lure potential customers with a host of online services, such as Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple TV+. Apple Arcade etc.

However, apart from the processor, the iPod Touch is still the same device. It features the exact same hardware as the previous model, including the now sub-par Retina display, giant bezels, and a completely obsolete home button. Thankfully in their laziness, they didn't get around to removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, which will be a relief for users.

This negligence towards hardware becomes quite unforgivable considering that the new iPod Touch is even more expensive than the previous generation, with three options to choose from - Rs 18,900 (32GB), Rs 28,900 (128GB), and Rs 38,900 (256GB). No matter how much one might miss their old iPod, it makes no sense to spend this kind of money on an mp3 player, when in the same price range you can get smartphones with flagship level specs and hardware.

Unfortunately, despite this huge gap between what you pay and what you get, it still remains the cheapest Apple product, and possibly a good enough secondary device, if you really want to get into the Apple ecosystem without giving up your android smartphone. There's still some time before it officially starts selling in India, so keep your fingers crossed, in hopes that Apple might revise the prices before the launch.

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