Is Your App Healthy?

Health and Fitness apps


Just like a real fitness trainer, the Squats app adjusts the exercise regimen based on your feedback on how taxing you think the individual exercises are. Think of this app as your personal trainer that is going to help you build up the strength to complete those 100, 150, 200 or 250 continuous squats within a few days or weeks, depending on your level of fitness.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This is a great application for runners, cyclists, joggers, rollerskaters/bladers, or folks who simply like to take a walk from time to time. It helps you track your time, distance, speed and altitude, and keeps a history of your workouts. The app also integrates with Google Maps and your audio playlist in addition to the website, to allow for a more detailed analysis of your progress.

Beer Gut Fitness

If you’re worried about your intake of empty calories from all those frosty beers and cocktails you plan to drink this season, then this might be the app for you. It tells you when you’re safe to have a drink — calorically speaking — and when you need to exercise. It even shows you what kinds of exercise you can do and for how long to burn off those calories.

Pocket Yoga

With Pocket Yoga, you can keep practicing postures at your own pace and follow a schedule in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you travel to. Simply set your Android device in front of your mat, start your practice, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.Choose between 3 different practices, 3 different difficulty levels and 3 different durations. A total of 27 different sessions!

Gymrat: Workout Planner

Discover new weightlifting and cardio exercises with easy search. Create your own gym routines with custom goals and supersets or follow the built-in ones. Track your workout progress with charts and graphs. Track vital statistics such as BMI, body fat, blood pressure, pulse, glucose and weight tracker. Record your body measurements such as chest, arms, waist and gym benchmark exercises such as push ups, pull ups, and bench press. Utilise the stopwatch and countdown timer tools for other gym tasks.

Daily Ball Workout

Daily Ball Workout contains six 5 to 10 minute daily stability ball routines for men and women that take you through some of the best exercises to do. These proven workouts, developed by a certified personal trainer, target all major muscles. Spend just a few minutes a day to strengthen and tone your body.

Lower Body Workouts

You can get the same leg and glute workouts on your own as you would on fancy equipment like the Pilates Reformer by changing moves to a standing position and incorporating tools like weights and stability balls. The added resistance helps target all the muscles of the lower body while strengthening your core and improving your balance, helping you get that perfect outlook.

Wherever Workout

The Wherever Workout app lets you choose the situation you workout in. Whether you are stuck in the office or you only have 15 minutes or you are in a hotel – it has routines for everything from simple stretching to keeping you feeling loose and happy to quick hard workouts, so that when you get back to your regular routine, you’re not starting from scratch.

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