The Bewitching Beauty

Beyond her faultless body of work and eternal beauty, what has earned Taylor Eaves a major spot as a beloved personality is her enthralling wit and enticing charm. This was in full flaunt, seeing her interact in her exceptional, effortless and spellbinding way. This bewitching Illinois beauty remains a figure of versatility.


Hey girl, let’s do a quick fact check. Where are you from? Jobs you’ve had?

I am from a small town called Sugar Grove IL. I have worked as a Bus girl at a winery, a sales associate at ULTA Beauty, a waitress at a sports bar restaurant, and currently am the head shot girl at a bar which is a management position, and work as a sales associate at Victoria's Secret.


As a model what’s your least favourite thing to be asked?

So do just not eat anything?


Have you had any ah-ha moments recently that changed the way you went about either? 

When I was asked for the shot girl position I was unsure at first that I would have the time to make the schedule for all of the other shot girls. I took some time to think about it and remembered that I have been a team captain in basketball when I used to play. I figured why not take it? This is a chance to utilise my leadership skills again.



What modelling experiences have you had so far that have been your favourite or stand out? 

I had a calendar shoot for a new multi-media company called Bikes N Spikes at Winthrop Harbor yacht club in northern IL with Thomas H.P. Jerusalem. As we were shooting, these two Grandmas drove by and started talking to us. We asked them if they wanted to hop in a few pictures and they did! It was hilarious, and I told them that we had an extra American flag bikini top and jean skirt in the trailer so they could match me!


What would your dream bathroom look like?

A glamorous vanity mirror with light bulbs around it. There would be every single shade of Mac lipsticks, and just endless makeup in general. I would have a shower that has shower heads on the side as well as at the top. There would also be a big jacuzzi bathtub with a lifetime supply of bath bombs and champagne.



Who’s your favourite protagonist from an animated movie?

Simba from the Lion King would have to be my favourite protagonist from an animated movie because he steps up when he is needed most even though he is afraid. There's no better example of true courage.


What was the last thing that you remember that made you cringe?

Feeding my dog his wet dog food that smells like sweaty feet.



Rapid fire questions


Dog or Cat?                                      

1000 per cent dogs


Cardio or Weights?                          



Big Party or Small Gathering?       

The bigger the better


New Clothes or New Phone?                      

New Clothes


Work Hard or Play Hard?              

Work Hard



Who’s she?

Name: Taylor Eaves

Age: 21

Height: 5’8”

Body Measurements: 34, 27, 32

Hair Colour: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Blue

From: Sugar Grove, IL

Occupation: Head shot girl (manager) at a bar called chasers, sales associate at Victoria’s Secret




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