Reaching for the fire in her soul

 Oh gosh! This babe is bold. In this interview with FHM India, Veronica Silva, a model from California spoke her heart out. From what she finds sexy in a male body to what she likes to wear before going to bed, she reveals everything. You can’t actually miss this interview!


The most exciting thing you’ve ever done? And the most embarrassing?

Most exciting: I was in the Bahamas doing a beach photo shoot just as Hurricane Matthew was about to hit. The winds were so powerful that as I was adjusting my top it flew off into the storm. We got some really amazing photos and didn’t stop the shoot – we just went with the wind, rain, and sand. By the end of it, I had no idea where my entire swimsuit was.


Most embarrassing: I got taken to a big baseball game by an old boyfriend. We had amazing seats with a great view of the game, and it was my first time going to a baseball game. Someone hit an amazing home run, but I didn’t really know the rules of the sport, so I stood up, and yelled “TOUCHDOWN!” Everyone was staring at me, and my boyfriend had to explain what was going on as I looked at my feet. 



Supposing you were marooned on a remote island, what are the things you wish you had?

I’d take my fluffy ragdoll cat Ting Ting with me (he’s my cuddle buddy at night), my big, comfy King-sized bed…and my Hawaii beach condo, fully stocked, of course. 


Which part of the male body do you find most sexy? 

I love the eyes, especially when they’re bright colours like bright green ones. A great smile is also a really big turn-on.


What do you like to wear before going to bed? 

Nothing. I never like wearing clothes, even when I’m awake, and I always want to feel the sheets (or my lover) against me while I’m asleep.


In what kind of dress do you think you look the sexiest? 

I love wearing tight bandage dresses that hug my body tightly. I don’t want to give away too much, and always want to leave whoever’s watching wanting more.



What would be your perfect romantic getaway? 

I want time with my partner and I to be as close to each other as possible, somewhere beautiful and scenic like a beach retreat. But I also want to be pampered, with a massage after breakfast and a blowout before dinner so that I can look my best when I’m taken out for dinner…and when I get home to bed.


Have you ever gone skinny dipping? 

Yes, several times.


Rapid fire questions


Gay porn or a history book? 

History book


Witches or wizards?



Intelligent or Funny?



Wet or dry?

Wet ;)


Bikini or one piece?



Love or money?



Who’s she?

Name: Veronica Silva

Age: 25

From: Patterson, California

Occupation: Florist, Model

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