She is sassy and classy

When did you get your first breakthrough in the industry and tell us about your love for the stage?

I got my first break in the industry (in India) after auditioning for months and months. Finally, after 3 months I landed my first television show with one of the biggest production houses in Mumbai (Balaji). The show was called Pardes Mein Hei Mera Dil. Ironically, we filmed the show in Austria.


I love understanding people and I like to put myself in their shoes to see how they feel and think. I like playing different characters. That’s why I love acting.


You have been a yoga instructor for over 10 years now. How’s the experience?

My father started taking me when I was young. I started yoga when I was 13... In 2015 I became a qualified yoga teacher and everything I learnt I could then teach others. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time but I have written a yoga book, so I’m excited to release this. Yoga was my go-to problem solver. It’s a part of my everyday life and has helped me in so many ways.



We heard that you are studying law...

Yes, I am in my 3rd year; I have put it on hold for the time being while I focus on my acting career.


We also heard that during your school days you took part in long distance running and playing tennis.

Yes, growing up I was always good at long distance running. I’ve always had a never give up attitude so it transcended from sports to my career. Tennis is fun, I like all racket sports.


What is your biggest turn off with men?

There is nothing worse than poor personal hygiene. Smelling good and taking care of presentation and grooming is a must.


How would a guy get your attention?

Definitely a good conversation! Looks don’t catch me. I need someone to engage in a great conversation because, that ultimately, is how I know we can get on!


What type of man do you think is sexy?

Sexiness is someone who loves their family, looks after their health and well-being and has a calm and gentle nature but is still masculine and is not afraid to make decisions!



What’s the best advice you could give a man?

Be supportive of a woman’s goals and dreams and always remember if a woman is with you, be thankful that she chooses to spend her time with you. 


What does a man have to do to date you?

Some of the qualities listed above plus the right chemistry.


What movie or a book character are you most similar to?

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz because she’s adventurous, she is not fearful and she brings out the best in everyone she meets!


What fact are you really surprised that more people don’t know about?

I have a really really big book collection. I collect books and love reading and writing.


What was your most memorable dream or nightmare?

I always had this dream I would somehow end up walking around the shops naked not knowing how I got there with everyone staring at me. I don’t remember a lot of my dreams but this one is silly!


What have you recently become obsessed with?

Perfumes. I love finding my next new signature fragrance.


What’s the most adventurous/ crazy thing you have ever done?

I have done too many to count! Most of the significant times in my life came from making adventurous or bold decisions. I think moving to new cities feels the most adventurous to me.



What three objects that you own do you value most?

My diary, my phone and some of the items I have collected from memorable times in different parts of the world.


What’s your “curiosity killed the cat” story?

My ‘curiosity killed the cat’ story is.. (don’t know)


What’s the spiciest thing you’ve eaten in India?

A whole green chilli and it was raw.. not even in a curry or dish. I learnt my lesson very quickly!


How do you feel about pets and animals?

I love animals and pets but it would take a lot for me to get one of my own. I would never get my own unless I knew I could give it all of my love and devotion and that’s just not possible with me travelling and working so much at the moment.


What period in history had the best fashion?

It would have to be the 1960’s. I love feminine pretty dresses plus cute headpieces, stockings, gloves. Sassy and classy that’s the style I love!



Who’s she?

Name: Lucinda Nicholas

Vital stats: 36 - 24 - 34

Height: 5”8

Profession: Model, Actress

From: Australia

Instagram: @lucinda_nicholas

Twitter: @lucindanicholas

Photography By: Gary_dean_Taylor

Styling By: Petula Browne



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