Are You Paying Girlfriend Tax?

Are You Paying Girlfriend Tax?

Relationships require time and effort. To top it all, the girlfriend tax becomes overbearing. Don’t know what we are talking about? Read ahead. 

Not what you think
No, the government does not levy a tax on you if you have a girlfriend. Far from it! Recall all the times you were out with your girlfriend and she was too full to eat and did not order anything, while you went ahead and ordered a full course meal and waited excitedly. The server finally arrived with your food and you dove into the plate, only to realise that your girlfriend on the other side of the table was digging in too. Can’t say it’s a fault. She is just collecting the girlfriend tax. 

What is Girlfriend Tax?
According to the Slangit Website, “Girlfriend Tax is the amount of food taken by your girlfriend from your portion of food after you have already asked her if she was hungry but she insisted she did not want anything.” There is finally a word for all the times you unwittingly ended up sharing your food. And there is some explanation too. 

But why?
You know how every relationship comes with various compromises. Less video gaming, rare meetings with friends and more hanging out with your significant other. And the significant other also make significant adjustments. By the virtue of being your girlfriend and putting up with you, she can eat off of your plate and you cannot really do anything about it. Except, maybe order more than you can eat. So be smart and order some extra food the next time you dine out.

You might be rolling your eyes at this moment, which is an altogether sensible response. Be that as it may, in case you're in some sort of "serious relationship", heads up: your accomplice may be more engaged with your tax than you might suspect they are. 

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