The Austrian Storm

The Austrian Storm

Personal watercraft expert, Belassi has come up with Burrasca, the indomitable force of nature that conveys emotions and deep thoughts. 

Aggressive, tough, elegant and unique in its style, Burrasca is the result of research and attention to details, to provide high performance and excitement while riding it. From the roar of the engine to the details of the hull, everything exudes royalty. Belassi says that when a Burrasca is sold in the company, they don’t feel like selling a product, they feel like giving birth to something that will give emotions to all the 5 senses of the owner. The visual appeal of Burrasca is completed by the fully digital dashboard with integrated GPS sensor dashboard operation via co-moulded soft-touch buttons or steering bar switches. Warning lights for low oil pressure, low fuel level, overheating sign of boost level, engine rpm, vehicle speed, hour metre, fuel level, trip, GPS position and what not.

The common habitat of Belassi individual watercraft is the ridable water in the entirety of its structures. Particularly the test of the waves turned into the principle idea and motivation of the naming for Burrasca, which is the Italian name for Storm – the declaration of an unyielding power of nature that passes on feelings and profound musings.

Aggressive, extreme, fearless, exquisite, novel in its style, Burrasca is the aftereffect of research and consideration regarding subtleties, to give superior and fervor while riding it. 

To assemble more than 2000 pieces which our Burrasca is made of, needs a great deal of enthusiasm and innovativeness. Much the same as Leonardo da Vinci once stated: "Craftsmanship should stroll nearby the Science", henceforth, in Belassi, every one of our units are still hand-gathered individually, yet with the help of the most recent innovation and aptitude.

Engine type - Marine 3 cylinder - 4 stroke 
Engine family - I3C16 
DIsplacement- 1602cc
Intake system - Turbocharged with water cooled intercooler, Multi-point fuel injection 
Fuel Capacity - 60l
Price: Rs. 22,41,137 (approximately)

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