Born To Run: Rannvijay Singh

Born To Run: Rannvijay Singh

First of all, congratulations on your collaboration with FILA. We hear that you are a sneakerhead; so, how many sneakers do you own?
Thank you so much. People know my passion for motorsports. I am a biker, and one of the reasons I am here today is because I went for roadies only to win a bike. Even if I was in the army I would be a biker because I was meant to be on a bike, and that is why designing this collection was so special for me. I am really happy that the team at FILA took my inputs seriously because they knew what I was talking about. So, each and every detail of sneakers on motorsport collection has been thought of, from using reflective material to shoe, colours, length of the shoe, high ankle-low ankle, everything. I’m really excited about this, I still can’t believe my logo is going to be on sneakers, and people are going to be wearing it. Yes, you’re right, I’m a sneakerhead, I actually stopped counting after 750 sneakers in 2014. I had to count back then since I was getting married and had to make space for my wife. Come today or four years later, I will not know the number of sneakers I own, and I am sure the collection is going to keep increasing.

Do you remember the first pair of sneakers you bought? Is there any memory associated with it?
I do remember my first pair of sneakers that were bought for me by my parents. I remember in 2001, I was in NYC, I got my first pay, and I got my first pair of sneakers. It was indeed, extremely special for me. I still have a picture of them with me. 

What excites you about the new motorsport collection?
It was my first opportunity to have my own collection with a brand that has such a huge history; a brand, I am a fan of and has made a mark in the field of Motorsports. Michael Schumacher’s association with the brand is history and what would be more satisfying is to succeed in this incredible league of collaboration. For some time, I could not believe it is happening. As a sportsman, I believe, dreamt and wore only other sneakers like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James. Now, I have my own line of sneakers that are associated with motorsport, and it is indeed a dream come true. 

What does this collaboration achieve that would have otherwise been impossible?
This achieves multiple things. First of all, the fact that different entities have come together to make it. The people follow FILA and me for a reason because they share the same passion as us. Me, being a sneaker-head, a sportsman and motorsport enthusiastic, and part of the motorsport culture, FILA and I have come together to launch this collection. What we have proposed, the kind of shoes we are making available as a product, at a price range, is completely unheard of. The team at FILA has planned the distribution in such an efficient manner that it is going to be available across India at affordable prices. My followers from the last 15 years are young people, and they don’t need to spend so much money to get a motorsport shoe, for them it will be ideal. Earlier, you had to really dish out a lot of money, and now you can get it at affordable prices.

How does FILA highlight your personality?
FILA is the oldest sports brand in the world. I am somebody who believes in the disruption. I was born into a family with an army background and didn’t follow what was supposed to be done. The things that FILA really highlights in my personality are culture, respect, lineage, and dependency you have on somebody. Due to this association, a part of my personality has come out, the artist in me, and that’s amazing.

What are your current picks from FILA?
The RV Motorsport collection is my pick: I have two other sneakers in the energised collection called Bond and Jump. Apart from that, I love the old-school fila ‘disruptors,’ the ‘spaghetti’, the mindblowers, and of course the FILA tennis in all its forms. Also, because of this association, I was stumbled upon the history of FILA, and I’m a huge fan of FILA. Thanks to this association I can get my hands on rare collection also.

You are constantly reinventing yourself as a youth icon. How has that affected your personal style?
I think I’m growing constantly; you got to reinvent yourself. In fashion I don’t follow trends, I make my own depending on that time period, and many times from wearing a jacket with shorts and making it a suit from Splitsvilla season one. Being a youth icon is not a career option, it’s not like I’m going to be an army officer, it happens when people notice your work or look it and it can’t be planned. I tend to do my own thing. I think people should wear what they are comfortable in. I’ve seen people just pull on something from the road in a local market, and I’ve seen the most expensive clothes which still don’t look good, so I think it comes from confidence, how to pull off things, and you wear it, believing in yourself, so that’s something that I do with fashion styling, that’s it. Now that I have a wife sometimes she tends to influence me but I still mostly do my own thing.

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