Dancing Prodigy: Faisal Khan

Dancing Prodigy: Faisal Khan

How has your journey been from a dance reality show to playing Chandragupta Maurya?

My journey so far has been very interesting. Whatever work I have done till date, with God’s blessings, I have got success in it. My work has always got me recognition, whether the reality shows I have been a part of or historical shows like Maharana Pratap and Chandragupta Maurya. The journey has been spectacular ever since I started and I hope to stay at this pace forever. The feeling of being among celebrities is enthralling and excites me. Never have I ever thought that such opportunities would come in my life. So, I just hope that this continues in the future and I received all the love that I am getting now.

How do you prepare yourself for your roles, both mentally and physically?

Mentally, I have to be very firm and keep convincing myself not to get tired. The shoots get difficult in strong sunlight as it actually drains out not only your energy but also confidence. There comes a point when your body is ready to give up but the mind has to be trained in such a way that neither it loses, nor does it let your body loose. One has to remain calm and try and remember all those long dialogues. Chandragupta Maurya is a character that comes with a lot of emotions and maintaining the balance between them is also challenging sometimes. The character is such which laughs, enjoys life, fights battles, plans strategies, so there are different moods I have to experience in just one day. If we talk about physical preparations, the scorching heat of the sun is the biggest problem. Also, I am working on my physique because upcoming sequences require me to shoot bare body and I need to look like a warrior.

At this young age, you already have a fanbase of millions, of which majorly are youngsters. Does it put any kind of responsibilities on your shoulders?

Yes, success always comes with responsibilities. I think of my fans as my family, which now by God’s grace has more than a million members. My responsibility is to always adhere to their expectations and give my best in whatever I do. I never want to disappoint them. Also, I want the number to multiply with every passing day for which I want to showcase great work. I always try to give my best and put whatever efforts I can from my side. My work is to entertain people and I wish that they enjoy every bit of it after seeing my act.

All the characters you have played, are majorly influenced by historical figures. Don’t you think it will stereotype you as an actor and furthermore, limit your opportunities?

No, I don’t think so. There are actors who play consecutive roles in the typical daily soaps, so if no one stereotypes them, why would they do that with me. This is just thinking in the minds of the people. This stereotyping is not an issue in reality but just made up by people like us. At the end of the day, you are an actor and you should do what justifies your efforts. If you get a role and feel that you would suit in that role and it is worth your time, you should do it. For me, work is where my heart lies. I do what pleases me. Even if I get another historical show and I like the background and the script, I will do it.

Being an amazing dancer, what made you steer your career in the field of acting? Has dancing taken a back seat?

At present, I just believe that whatever is happening, it is perfect. Doing reality shows is a completely different experience and acting is another experience. Generally, we see that when people from reality shows come into acting they forget their art. Dancers from reality dance shows tend to completely leave dancing, as the continuation breaks but for me, dance is an integral part of my life. I got into acting in 2013, but I have still continued to keep dance in my life. I still practice and would keep dancing always.

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