Beard Bib
If you are someone who shaves with a beard trimmer above your sink, then you must have noticed what is left after you are done. Right? Being coarser than the hair on your head, your facial hair can cling on to your clothes, furniture, or even your girl. However, it’s time to say no to clogged sinks. The beard bib is here to take care of all things related to the stubble that has mushroomed in the past days. Designed like a salon cape it can easily stick to the mirror and trap your beard hair that would otherwise fall into the sink. 

Back Shaver
When it comes to your back hair, it appears as if there are two circumstances. First, it can be possible that you have little or no hair, or second, you can put a grizzly to disgrace when you remove your shirt. However, if you don’t have a friend or partner who is ready to tame your back-forest, then what else can you do? The electric back shaver is at your rescue. Sold with an extended arm, this device will let you trim your back without any hassle. Just be sure that you don’t leave any unwanted hair. 

Goatee Shaver
Let’s be honest: shaving your facial hair into an ideal goatee can appear to be a nerve-racking task. Afraid it will look uneven on either side, leading you to shave your entire face and begin once again? Fret not. Goatee Shaver is one of a kind device, which comes with an adjustable design intended to shape and form your goatee. With it you’ll save time and get that correctly moulded goatee you have always wanted. Granted you’ll look like Darth Vader for a minute, however that just makes this contraption significantly cooler.

Neckline Shaving Template
You might get your haircut every month or two and your barber might clean up your neckline. But have you noticed your neckline getting scruffy way before you are ready for your next haircut? Some barbers often offer a free clean up, but the hassle of getting there stops many from taking the advantage. So, why not say hello to a neckline shaving template. It helps you to tackle that difficult-to-see area, so that your neckline appears as clean as the rest of your haircut, even if you are in between your salon appointments. 

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