Ignite The Spark

Ignite The Spark

Ever wondered what goes on in your body and your mind when you are falling head over heels? Let us surprise you. 

We should all know the fundamentals with regards to sex: Ask for assent, use protection consistently, regard your accomplice's needs and have a fabulous time. In any case, knowing the straightforward strides to enjoy the pleasure in bed doesn't lead you to the pot of gold toward the finish of the rainbow. It's the lesser-known certainties that can make you more astute in bed as well as improve your sexual coexistence.

1. 46 per cent of women fantasise about another person during sex with their partner as compared to 42 per cent of men. So, is your beloved fulfilling your needs in bed?

2. 7.3 minutes is the average time a heavier man can win the trophy in bed while thinner men can barely keep it going for 108 seconds.

3. 30 per cent of men have faked an orgasm. Ladies, time to start second-guessing about everything you did not know.

4. 300-500 million sperms are released during the climax. So, before shooting your load, don’t forget to use contraceptives. 

5. 6 seconds is the average time a male orgasm lasts while the average female orgasm lasts for 20 seconds. On top of that, the more and the longer the better. 

6. 52 per cent of men and 41 per cent of women have had one-night stands while travelling. Do you also have any travel secrets?

7. 1 out of 5 people use their phone during sex. Do you? Set your priorities right, if yes. 

8. 3 times a week makes you 4-7 years younger. No matter how busy you are, make sure to steal out some time for your self. But don’t forget your partner.  

9. 100 calories are burnt in a single session, along with the stress. Who needs the gym or medical therapies? 

10. 140 beats per minute is a person’s average heartbeat while an orgasm. Increase it enough, you won’t kill your partner. 

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