Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Approximately, I spend 30 minutes in front of the mirror looking at my reflection and trying to fit myself into the preconceived standards of beauty carved by the society. Starring deep into my eyes, I was unassured of what felt more uncomfortable, the strange gaze at my own image or the constant insecurity of being trapped in societal norms.

Body shaming and building a notion of negative self-image has mainly been associated with women but the percentage of men admitting to body dissatisfaction is, shockingly, growing at a much faster rate. In this fast pace world, one of the most important characteristics of a successful individual is self-confidence. Behind every great leader is a story in which he learnt the art of overcoming his fear and excelling in his endeavours. He had been through many ordinariness of life until he has become who he is. As we celebrate the Compliment Your Mirror Day today let us try to look at ourselves from a new vista.

  • Realising self-worth

The day is more about worshipping your inner self. Outer beauty is transient as well as an imprecise method of knowing someone. Get to know your virtues and evoke the feeling of acceptance of who you are.

  • Eliminating self-hatred

If you spend time in front of the mirror, instead of putting effort to beautify yourself, try eliminating the negativities residing inside your head and ditch the way you constantly criticize your appearance. 

How to do it?

  1. We will not suggest you de-mirror your house or avoid looking at your reflection. Instead, embrace the mirror! Find an opportunity to talk to yourself a bit. Take out time from your busy schedule and indulge in a one-sided conversation.
  2. We have always heard that if you have something to memorize, swear by your mirror. Similarly, compliment the person you see in the mirror. Tell him how amazing he is.
  3. Repeat this in front of the mirror,” I am the best version of myself, and I accept it whole-heartedly.” Say this 5 times with a light smile on your face. Make it your regular routine and we bet you’ll wake up each day with positivity brimming inside you.
  4. Finally, pamper yourself regularly. Indulge in quiet meditation or book a spa for yourself. You will gradually get to know yourself more by spending time alone.

Story By: Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India Magazine 

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