Sustainable Food Future

Sustainable Food Future

The sustainable food trend has been popular in 2018 and it can be linked to the growth of organic food in the last few years. These trends have opened a wide avenue for marketers, retailers and producers to meet the diverse needs of consumers. The use of technology is also aiding the push towards sustainable food. The overall food industry’s development has been greatly shaped to cope with unique and strategic approach towards dietary designs by consumers. Today, plant-based diet gaining popularity with options such as a high-fat diet, such as ketogenic and Buddha bowls.

There are some key sustainable diet trends to look forward to:

Organic Food
The increased awareness among people about wellness has led to a change in the nutrition industry. The new trend is an increased demand for organic produce in the market. Millennials are driving the push for organic food and with the immense scope for plant-based edibles, the organic food industry will only grow in the years to come. The organic food market in India has reached $43 billion, in addition, organic food currently represents 5.3 percent of total retail food sales.  

The term ‘organic’ is often considered confusing and food labels help us to understand the term in a better way. Certified organic edibles are treated in more natural ways, without the use of harmful artificial pesticides, bio-engineered genes or petroleum or fertilisers. This encourages biodiversity and saves resources.

The increase in mindfulness and acceptance of functional foods, right from cold press juices to ferments, holds a lot of importance and has also given rise to a Superfood. Interestingly, these foods offer amazing health benefits and are yet scrumptious. They can also be consumed as supplements. Consumers are trying these Superfoods in several forms such as shakes, powders and juices.

Edibles Flowers
The consumption of edible flowers is growing. Today, it is used as an addition to coffee, popsicles, marshmallows etc. The most popular flowers are bright pink hibiscus trees and elder-flowers. These flowers are replacing micrograms in eateries for a simple edible garnish. 

Recycling Food
The wastage of food in the form of left overs is a serious concern for the advocates of a sustainable diet. Research has shown that annually, almost 90 million tonnes of food gets wasted in Indian hospitality industry. A lot of companies are stepping forward to resolve this problem. 

Nerd Farming
Technology has enabled novel and innovative farming opportunities in warehouse-based settings. This kind of indoor farming is particularly beneficial in high-density metropolitan areas. With the changing climate conditions in the future, indoor farming can be used to uphold food security and ensure fresh produce for local consumption. 

Plant-Based Diet
As interest around conventional food choices wanes, new trends are coming in to the food industry every year. These new trends have changed vegan meals as well. Jackfruit is gaining a lot of popularity as a replacement for meat. As the radical plant-based sources holding a significant place in the Indian market, the plant-based alternatives such as meat, eggs and dairy products are occupying more space on the shelf market of sustainability.

Grass-Fed Meat
Consumers have become more concerned about the sources of meat that they consume. Therefore, today the grass-fed meat market is viewing an ever-increasing demand. The Star Tribune research shows that the sales of traditional grain-fed meat have been fading. 

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