The Technique of Shallow Diving

The Technique of Shallow Diving

One instruction that reads loud and clear at all pool sides is of No Diving: Shallow Water. Then, what are we talking about? Why would anyone get themselves into clear and present danger by diving at the shallow side of the pool? Well, there are people who enjoy it and don’t get hurt in the process. Physics says (see, this subject does try to help you in real life once in a while like mathematics!) that too much velocity and too little water can break your neck if you dive. But shallow divers, as they are called, are masters who bend the rule of velocity, gravity and all such things. So, shallow diving is a real thing?

Shallow diving is an extreme sport in which participants attempt to dive from the greatest height into the shallowest side of a pool. Their aim is to hit the water horizontally in a manner similar to the belly flop to avoid injuring themselves. It’s not easy by any means.

Meet the master
Shallow diving is risky even for Darren Taylor, popularly known as Professor Splash, who has been doing it for the last 25 years. He successfully dove from 37.8 feet (11.52 metre) into a paddling pool of depth 1 foot (30 cm) breaking his record for a successive 20th time. 
He’s set many Guinness world records for shallow-water diving, performing the feat in several countries: Japan, the United States and Germany. How does he manage to do that without hurting himself? Well, it’s all about the posture.

The trick of the trade
The secret according to him is to land flat and try and get as much water out of this pool as one can. He dissipates water that creates a cushion effect. One has to judge the wind, weather condition, the cold, the time of day though. The sport involves real science and well-trained body, and that explains why Taylor doesn’t have a tough competition till date, except Roy Fransen, who successfully dove from 110 feet (33.5 metres) into 8 feet (2.4 metres) of water. Doesn’t sound like something that we should be trying.

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