Travel App-tactically

Travel App-tactically


Perhaps, the most convenient and easy to use hire-a-taxi app out there. The app only works for real-time bookings for those who need a cab instantly and gives the ‘book a cab later’ option a clear miss. There are no receipts, no physical money involved and the charges are automatically debited from your credit card account. On booking a cab, the app sends you the driver details like his picture, car mode etc. This, coupled with the facility to share the same details with your dear ones with a single tap.

Meru Cabs

Almost as painful as their call centre attendants are how we’d like to describe this one. Though the company claims that you can book a cabin  60 seconds, and rest assured to get one of the cabs from their 5500 strong fleet, that clearly isn’t the case. If at all you are lucky enough to book a cab, then you might not be able to get the cab on time, and in-case you do get the cab on time, most certainly you have to pay more than what was initially confirmed to you.


The app rides high on the wide appreciation of its ‘Ride Now’ feature that allows the users to hail the nearest cab. The app is ergonomically built on the line of one-tap features: letting you book single/multiple cabs with a single touch. Similarly, a ‘Ride Later’ feature helps you schedule a cab pickup at a later time. Aided by the location settings, a user can see the nearest cab and track its assigned cabs movement on the map. A built-in rate card gives you a heads up of the charges you will incur.


Just like any other app, this one lets you book, track and know the details of the cab. In addition to all this, it feeds you live updates from, informing you of the state of traffic on the route you are taking. Also, Easycabs lets you create and manage a personal profile, reserve cab service, and tag favourite locations so as to get frequent reservations to those places. It also lets you modify, as well as cancel reservations and finally, view the history of the previous reservations.

Taxi Pixi

This third party app, lets users scroll through the type of car and book one according to its availability in your vicinity. This is coupled with a metre that shows the higher/lower likelihood of you getting the cab. Besides being functional in the majority of major Indian cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, the same app can be used in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore.

Just Cab It

Another radio taxi booking app. The taxi booking is sent directly to all drivers belonging to different cab operators like Mega Cabs, Meru Cabs, Easy cabs et al. Economy taxi, Economy plus taxi, regular radio taxi and premium/SUV taxi can be called through the app. Currently only available in the Delhi NCR region, we managed to get a cab in no time.

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