What To Wear In A War Zone

What To Wear In A War Zone

Two years ago, inspired by uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, ordinary Syrian people took up arms against their own government. They had a single aim: capture or kill Bashar al-Assad, the much-despised despot who inherited control of the country from his father.

It’s become more complicated since then. But one thing characterises each and every rebel. They will not quit. Until the day the Assad dynasty finally lies in ruins, the dentists, builders, plumbers and librarians who make up this rag-tag, the makeshift military will keep fighting.

That doesn’t mean each revolutionary has to give up their individuality when they join the cause. Unlike the regulation uniforms and dead-eyed sunglasses of NATO soldiers, Syria’s insurgent troops dress to impress. Headscarves, shiny shoes, jogging pumps, bandoliers from the ’20s – rebels can wear whatever they like. It’s not camouflage but casual sports jackets that define the look of this civil war.

Here, in their own words and their own clothes (and guns) are the revolutionaries fighting a long and bloody battle in the northern city of Aleppo.

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