Whatsapp Might Sue You for Too Many Messages

Whatsapp Might Sue You for Too Many Messages

Whatsapp is one of the most regularly used apps across the world, with more than a billion people using the free chat app for their daily communication needs. However, having such a big user base can also be a huge headache, as it becomes next to impossible to make sure that users don't misuse the app in a way that could land both them as well as the company in hot water.

A dreadful example of this were the mob lynching's that happened in India, due to fake messages circulated on Whatsapp groups. Without any credible means to refute them, the mob took those whatsapp messages as fact and even shared them between multiple groups. It became glaringly obvious that the company had no clear plan in place to deal with the rumours, and the government condemned them for it, causing the company to temporarily limit the number of people you can forward a message to.

 Now, it seems that the company is stepping up the game, as they have announced their intention to sue users that violate the bulk-messaging norms and other rules set for regular users.

More specifically, the Facebook-owned messaging app will take legal action against any individual or company, who are found misusing the app to send messages to a lot of people, as stated under the new "Unauthorized usage of Whatsapp" policy. This includes people who spread rumours, fake news and hateful content, as well as companies who knowingly use clone apps and software tools to send bulk advertising messages.

Whatsapp has stated that this will only apply to the regular Whatsapp app, since it was not intended for bulk or automated messaging. People/companies can still use the Whatsapp business app to handle their advertising. Users who want to avoid a course case, must stop all unauthorised activities by the time the company starts enforcing the rule, i.e. on December 7. Let us see if this move will help them reduce the plague of fake news and unwanted advertisements.

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