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New Avatar Of The BMW 7 series

Every car company is known to follow a specific hierarchy in the models they manufacture depending on the price range as well as the target audience. Most manufacturers reserve the top of this line for their full-size sedans that feature a combination of all their technological advancements and performance prowess. In the case of BMW, the top tier is the 7 series, and it just got an update that brings a lot of subtle changes to the flagship sedan.

The first and the most noticeable change is the grille, which is now bigger and even more accentuated thanks to the smaller Laserlight headlights that provide a nice contrast to the size increase. The bonnet has been redesigned to match the new look, which has resulted in the front-end being raised by about 50mm. These readjustments continue throughout the body, as the body lines get a bit more defined, while the chrome gets a bit more overused. The interior touches are even more subtle, yet they carry forward the new design language, which trims any unnecessary fat from the body. The highlights of the interior are the ‘Executive Lounge’ rear seats which are heated, ventilated, multi-way adjustable and feature a massaging component as well.

In addition to all these aesthetic changes, the 7 Series also gets a host of engine options, with the BMW 730Ld getting a 265BHP diesel motor and the BMW 740Li featuring a 340BHP petrol unit. However, the real stars of the show are the BMW M760Li xDrive model with an M performance engine that produces 609BHP, and the BMW 745Le xDrive with a hybrid unit that produces a combined output of 384BHP and a claimed average of 39.5Kmpl. These variants will cost you anywhere between ₹1.22 crore - ₹2.42 crore, which might feel quite a bit, but is certainly worth it considering the level of luxury and performance you get in return.



  • Mercedes S Class

Mercedes has been the traditional competition for BMW for quite some time now. It even features four different models across the range; with the S350d and its 286BHP diesel unit, the S450 and its 367BHP V6 petrol, the Maybach S560 with its 469BHP V8 petrol and the Maybach S650 with its 630BHP V12 petrol respectively. All this, along with all the creature comforts you can imagine can be yours for a price range of about ₹1.56 - 3.09 crore.


  • Audi A8

Audi is another brand that has given a tough competition to both BMW and Mercedes. Just like the other two manufacturers, it even comes with four different models that feature different engines; like the smaller V6 petrol unit that makes 340BHP and a V6 diesel that makes 286BHP. On the higher end, it features a twin-turbo V8 petrol unit, as well as a W12 and a plug-in hybrid. The starting price is around ₹1.20 crore, which is quite competitive considering the others.

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