Connected All Times: MG Hector

Connected All Times: MG Hector

The entry-level premium SUV segment has really heated up in recent years, and now British brand MG is planning to add fuel to the fire, with the MG Hector. The SUV features a distinctively urban look and feel with lots of chrome garnishes, low overhangs and bold body lines. The lack of a 4x4 variant, lethargic power output and the small size tires certainly do not give the impression that it was made to be anything other than a city SUV. That is not necessarily a bad thing though, as it is easily one of the most beautiful and spacious SUVs in the segment, with a feature list that dwarfs most competitors. Most of the features can be accessed through the 10.4-inch touchscreen that comes with an inbuilt e-sim for constant connectivity and OTA updates. Unfortunately, the touchscreen is not smooth enough for the experience to be enjoyable.

Once you move past the distractions of the cabin, you will soon realise that there is not much else to make the car interesting. There is just too much body roll and turbo lag, with not enough steering response to provide any sort of high-speed driving pleasure. Both the engines are tuned for linear power delivery with the petrol unit packing less grunt than the diesel. There is a hybrid petrol unit as well but has more to do with preserving fuel average than providing power. Still, none of this is in any way a detriment to the vehicle, since all of it is part of MG’s design to capture their target demographic, a middle-aged executive who just wants to commute to or from work, in style and comfort.

Same in range 

Jeep Compass

Even though it is smaller and does not have as many features, the Compass does include the same engine and better driving response. The whole vehicle feels more stable and capable in both its on-road and off-road behaviour, with the BS6 variant offering smoother gear changes and power delivery. Even if it is not as comfortable or spacious, the compass is definitely the better SUV in the traditional sense.

Tata Harrier

The middle ground goes to the Harrier since it looks like the Hector but thankfully feels like the Jeep Compass. Even though it shares the same 2.0 diesel engine as the other two cars, it also produces the least power and is also the noisiest. Still, it makes up for it by its stable drive and off-road capabilities, and also the virtue of being the cheapest.

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