Expedite Racing

Expedite Racing

Audi R8 Decennium

Its been over ten years since Audi gave us the magnificent R8. In many ways, the original R8, especially the one with the V10 engine became a new yardstick against, which all supercars were judged. It was relatively cheaper than most Ferraris, was economical, and had a supreme built quality. It truly was, a supercar that could be your daily drive. What better way to celebrate such a great car, than to add another, sharper, edgier element to the character that it was? The R8 Decennium, with its matte black finish, copper wheels and sharp lines is surely drool-worthy. The exterior, however, is nowhere as beautiful as the interior. We get an all-black interior, covered in premium materials such as Alcantara, leather, and premium grade carbon fibre. As for performance, we get a 5.2-litre V10 engine that produces 620 bhp. This is enough to push the car from a standstill to 100 kmph in about three seconds, and all the way up. to 331 kmph.

Ferrari F8 Tributo

When we drove the Ferrari 488 GTB last year, we could not help but say that it might become the golden standard against, which all other cars will be measured and judged. Sure, there was the 488 Pista, which was a tad bit more powerful and a little wilder, but it never gave us the same feeling that the GTB did. It did not arouse us. Now, however, with Ferrari announcing the F8 Tributo, we can safely assume that they have made another golden yardstick against which cars will be judged. The F8 Tributo has the same 3.9-litre twin turbo V8 engine, which produces 710 bhp, making it the most powerful V8 Ferrari ever. Couple that with better aerodynamics, a reworked traction control system and an improved seven-speed automatic transmission, and what we get is a Ferrari that is faster in both, straight lines, and through the tricky corners of Fiorano in Maranello. This will surely heat up the battle among the great V8s, which means only one thing. Some really exciting cars are on the way.

Pininfarina Battista  

For years, Pininfarina has been designing some of the most iconic cars in the world. Their designs perfectly marry aesthetics with functionality. However, all of their projects, be it yachts, cars or construction projects have been for other manufacturers. Now, thanks to a serious backing by Mahindra Motors, they have finally announced their first car, and boy, does it knock its competitors out of the park. With 1900 bhp, this will be the most powerful and regal car in the world when it finally launches in 2020. This may also be the fastest accelerating car in the world, with a 0-100 kmph figure of under two seconds. Now that’s what we call speed. To achieve these blistering statistics, the Battista takes advantage of four independent motors powered by a massive 120 kWh Li-ion battery pack, making this car the world’s first luxury all-electric hyper performance GT. It is a symbol of 90 years of Pininfarina’s expertise, and a sign of Mahindra’s future ambitions for electric vehicles in India.

La Voiture Noire

This Bugatti is officially the most expensive car in the world. Recently bought by an anonymous collector for a whopping 11 million Euros. La Voiture Noire, or quite literally, The Black Car, is powered by an eight-litre W16 engine that produces 1500 bhp, almost the same as the Chiron. Based on the same platform and formula as the Chiron, this Bugatti is no slouch. However, it may very well be much faster than the Chiron, thanks to its super aerodynamic design and lightweight construction. The Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic - the car on which the Noire is based on, is mythical in itself. Apparently, the original car was built for Jean Bugatti, son of the company founder Ettore Bugatti, who gifted the car to the racing legend, Robert Benois who lost his life during World War II. Bugatti was the last person to be seen with the car. He too was killed during the testing of a project, following which, the car was lost. It is estimated, that if the Type 57 Atlantic is found today, it would be valued at 90 million Pounds, making it the most expensive car in the world. Now that’s a story worth telling. As for the La Voiture Noire, it surely is a car worth going gaga over.

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