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The word luxury has been synonymous with cars ever since the first automobile was invented. In fact, until very recently, even owning a car was considered something of a luxury for most people. However, as more and more cars are launched at more and more affordable prices, the concept of luxury cars has undergone a transformation as well, with it now representing the heights of automotive engineering and creature comforts. Depending on the kind of money you are willing to spend, you can get luxury vehicles in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with almost unlimited customisation options.
Unfortunately, these high levels of quality and performance come at an increasingly premium price, which makes most of the models unaffordable for the majority of the population. Thankfully, in the modern world of rental and self-driving startups, even if you don’t have the budget to buy one of these vehicles, you can still enjoy the experience of being in one. Even we were surprised at the number of choices available in various cities, so we decided to whittle it down to a few select options that top our luxury car dream list.


The Humvee remains one of the most versatile and well known off-road vehicle used by the U.S. army, and its civilian version is equally infamous. Made at the insistence of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the Hummer completely changed the way people thought of SUVs. The over-the-top presence of the vehicle has a certain charm to it, and even the somewhat conservative interior has enough space and character to make you feel like a king as you effortlessly manoeuvre all sorts of terrain in this capable off-roader. One of the few luxury SUV’s with a military origin, this vehicle retains its value even after all these years. Thankfully, even though it is discontinued now, you can still rent it through Kings of Car Hire, located in Mumbai. At an average price of ₹75,000 for eight hours, it will be an expensive ride though.

Rolls Royce Ghost II

For more than 100 years now, the name Rolls Royce has been the ultimate example of luxury and engineering prowess. These machines were made to carry barons of industry and royalty alike, thus there is a strong focus on combining the best of all worlds to provide the ultimate travel experience. The Ghost II enjoys the benefit of this rich legacy as it brings together the latest in performance and technology. The bespoke interiors transport you to another level of indulgence, as you barely feel the road beneath while travelling in the lap of luxury. You too can enjoy all of this by renting it from KTC India in Delhi. Even at an average price of around ₹75,000 for eight hours, it is still worth it to feel like a king for a day.

Jaguar XJ L

For more than 50 years now, the XJ has excelled as the flagship full-size sedan from Jaguar. It not only represents the best that the brand can be, but also the best British engineering has to offer. The model combines the high-performance legacy of Jaguar sports cars with the comfort associated with high-end luxury brands. In the XJ L avatar, the car has been stretched even more to convert the rear section into a lounge. While it isn’t as customisable as some of the other cars that it competes with, yet the design and build quality carry forth the same level of attention to detail. Considering all this, it is easy to guess how expensive these models can be and how exclusive this price tag can make them. Thankfully, Self Drives from Delhi can help you get that exclusive access, since they provide an XJ L as a self-drive rental car for just ₹50,000 a day.

Lamborghini Gallardo

This car features one of the most recognisable supercar designs in the world and almost every man who has seen it nurtures the dream of driving it. This aspiration is not just based on the looks, but also the promise of blistering speed and ridiculous performance specs that justify the need for such a specific body type. However, owing to the exclusivity of the brand, the car remains inaccessible to a majority of people who can barely get a test drive. Thankfully, a luxury mobility service called Go Hype is ready to make this dream come true, as they provide a Lamborghini as a self-drive rental car. The car seems to be located in Hyderabad and comes with a hefty rental charge of around ₹2 lakh for a day. This might seem extreme, but then again, there aren’t a lot of places that would rent you one in the first place, even with a driver. So it’s best to make the most of it while you can.

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