Cars are not just vehicles that carry us from one point to another; rather they are the conduits of our self-expression, giving us the confidence to take on the world, wherever the road takes us. Men have an especially strong connection with cars, and it stays with us from the moment we first sit in them to the last time we drive one. It is one of the reasons why we care so much for them as our cars represent thousands of memories that remind us of where we have been and what we went through to get to the present. Most of these memories are created in the driver’s seat with the dashboard playing the role of our vantage point, as well as the command deck, allowing us the freedom to do what we please with the machine at hand. Even the back- seat plays a vital part in the experience as it goes from our own private playground through childhood to a secret and safe place for exploring budding romances in our youth. We truly cherish each and every drive, as it represents different chapters in the story of our life. This is true not just for life-changing events, but also the millions of mundane moments that pass us by without even registering. Knowing that we spend so much of our time in that space, it is no wonder that car manufacturers spend an extraordinary amount of time perfecting the design of the interiors, often much more than even the outer body. It is not just about creating the perfect blend of comfort and usefulness, but also infusing it with a sense of style that represents the aspirations of car enthusiasts everywhere. This is especially true for luxury carmakers, who not only have the budget to go above and beyond but are also expected to outdo themselves and the competition every time. This can involve anything, from using expensive materials and exclusive technologies to designing radical interiors with unconventional layouts. With the right balance of cutting edge and classic, these interiors become the epitome of desirability in the automotive sector and often end up influencing design choices for decades to come. Today, we will be taking a look at a few such car interiors that never fail to inspire awe in the hearts of men, no matter how young or old.


For as long as cars have been around, Rolls Royce has been a name synonymous with automotive excellence and class. Even though they weren’t the first cars around, the brand still rose in ranks thanks to its ingenuity in engineering and the highly polished art of creating bespoke interiors. They have perfected this art over the past century to the point where you would be hard-pressed to find a flaw in their work. It is not just the quality of the work, but also the nearly endless number of options that you can choose from, whether in terms of the cloth, the stitching, the lighting, the dashboard material or even the exclusive umbrella that has its own compartment within the door. You can truly transform this car into your own personal playground. Chances are that it will still remain the most beautiful vehicle on any road you take it on.


Maybach is a very unique brand with a history that dates back to the First World War and a product line that featured engines for trains, aircraft and even tanks. Interestingly, until it was acquired by Daimler, they didn’t really have anything to do with cars at all. However, once they came under the Daimler-Mercedes umbrella, the brand was transformed overnight into the ultimate expression of luxury and opulence. Even today, it is not a name you would associate with mass-market brands as each unit of this model is completely bespoke and features the highest quality materials used to create a five-star experience for the occupants. Even though it features one of the most stylish dashboard designs, it is truly the rear that holds your attention and ensures it a place on this list.


Bugatti is another brand that got lost due to unfortunate circumstances revolving around the World Wars and was later revived by a German automaker, the VW group. However, unlike other brands, Bugatti never had ambitions of being a luxury car for the faint of heart. Instead, the company focused on creating the fastest cars in the world that left the drivers with a permanent smile plastered on their faces. Thankfully, even with a two-seat design, Bugatti found a way to utilise the limited space to the best of their abilities and create an interior look that is equal parts over-the-top and elegant. The look has been updated for the Chiron, which is the latest model in the line-up, and represents a perfect blend of everything that makes the hearts of men go aflutter.


Pagani is a very unique brand to have on any list. Unlike other brands with centuries of experience in making cars, this brand is barely three decades old, yet has one of the most sought after cars in the world today. What separates them from the pack is their extreme dedication towards performance and how it translates into creating something that is without question exceptionally beautiful. We are, of course, talking about their latest offering, the Huayra Roadster, which is a hypercar beast that is all carbon fibre, titanium, and madness. The exterior is crafted for aerodynamic perfection, while the interior of this car features a one-of-its-kind steampunk look that immediately attracts your attention and looks equally beautiful in all its limited edition avatars.

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