The Biggest Super-Fight Ever

Last week the fight business was set ablaze when Floyd Mayweather confirmed that he will be coming out of retirement to take on the Ultimate Fighter Conor McGregor and sent shock waves running throughout the world. And after the media call between the two promotions, we are even more pumped for this fight. Here’s why?


Move over Manny Pacquiao and Ronda Rousey because the biggest fight in the world is here and will not have anything to do with them. The super-fight which will take place on August 26 will feature Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather and Two Weight UFC Champion Conor McGregor.


The match is so intriguing that the promoters are betting that it will make much more than $600 million dollars in revenue. And they are not wrong. After all, this fight wasn’t put together by a promoter or a league. This fight is a result of all the trash talk both the fighters were flinging at each other. That got the fans on both sides interested and they demanded the match.


Floyd will put his title of Greatest Technical Boxer and undefeated record of 49-0 at stake. While McGregor who claims to be the best at MMA and Boxing is driven to prove he is the best fighter in the world today. And, though Floyd will be the favourite in this Boxing Match, McGregor Fans have been lining up to put their bets on the UFC heartthrob and Irish Superstar.


The Conor fans aren’t totally wrong. If the southpaw McGregor can land his patented left hand on Money Mayweather, he can put him to sleep. After all, he has done it before to Former UFC Champions Jose Aldo and Rafael Dos Anjos. The first victory coming in an astounding 13 seconds.  


This fight is so exciting that even the rapper/actor Ice Cube, is willing to surrender the Vegas T-Mobile Arena, which he has locked for a concert on the same day. In the words of UFC President Dana White “This is the Biggest Fight Ever”. And every fight fan in the world is pumped for it.


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