Fashionable cricketers

What does fashion mean to you?

Shradul: Fashion plays a very important role in your personal lifestyle. It shows your personality to the world!


What is your personal style quotient?

Shardul: Just wear anything with jeans and it will look good! You can just wear a tee or a shirt and it will match with your jeans.



Do you play cricket in denims?

Rahul: Oh, absolutely! You can really tell how good the denim is by how quickly it becomes your second skin. Jeans are perfect for outdoor activities too.


How do you relate to Spykar?

Jaidev: Spykar is a brand that caters to a very young customer base and I have  been fond of clothes myself so thats how I relate myself to Spykar, in a very positive way.


What’s the concept behind the new ‘Young n Restless’ collection?

Rahul: I think young souls refused to be tied down to one thought or place. The inspiration comes from there! The new Spykar ‘ynr’ collection celebrates this quirky generation’s passion for all things that are in constant. The young and restless denim collection explores individuality, identity and freedom and celebrates the youthful spirit.


Which is your favourite piece of clothing from the latest collection?

Shardul: Jeans is my favourite and I like to wear jeans alot. Whenever I go out with my friends for a movie or even coffee I wear denims.


What will be your styling tips for the youngsters?

Jaidev: Well, wear whatever you feel comfortable in! That’s what I do rather than just showing off by wearing uncomfortable clothes! I would rather suggest you to wear something that you are comfortable in and it will definitely look good on you.


What’s that one message you want to give to your fans and beloved friends to sum it up?
Jay Dev
–Just don’t give up... Stay focused.
Shardul –Be young and be restless! Play hard and party harder.
Rahul – Be comfortable, look fit, explore!


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