3 lesser known snow sports for this winter season

As the mercury is dropping and days are getting shorter, you only have two options to enjoy your vacations, either you can den up in your living room or go out and attack snow with snow sports.


Though skating, skiing and snowboarding have become traditional sports that most people do in their winter vacations but in addition to all of these, there are many more snow sports that are not known to everybody. So FHM India has compiled 3 interesting snow sports that you should try this winter vacations. Trust me you will surely love these sports.


Here are few different sports that you should try during these winter holidays.


Ice Climbing



It is just like a summer sport trekking. In ice climbing you have to climb over the ice freeze mountains. This ice sport mainly refers to roped and protected climbing from frozen water, icefalls, cliffs and slabs covered with ice. People who love climbing must try these ice sports.


Skeleton Sport



In this sport person ride a small sled which is also called skeleton sled. The person has to hold the board with both the hands and his head needs to be in the downward position and legs in the upward position. This sport is as interesting as it is sounding. A Must try!


Kite skiing



It is one of the simplest and fun skiing. In this, the person who does skiing uses a huge kite instead of skiing stick to ski. The power of the inflatable kite helps the person to ski. Kite skiing is also known as snow kiting.


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