50-0 – Mayweather: The undisputed King of Boxing

There were a lot of questions coming into the Money Fight. Will the MMA star Conor McGregor even survive one round? Will Floyd have a problem with a bigger sized opponent? Will McGregor be able to keep in the Boxing rules?  


The answers to all those questions were answered this morning when the money fight went down. When the fight started McGregor looked like he was getting the better of Mayweather, landing a clean uppercut on the usually untouchable Floyd, with his awkward style and footwork. McGregor switched stances continuously, switching between Karate, Thai boxing and southpaw. That kept Floyd at bay. Capitalising on that McGregor peppered the Boxing legend with his jab and punches.



It was all going according to McGregor’s plan even though the referee had to step in a few times to warn Conor about punches to the back of the head. At one time Floyd even turned his back to McGregor and covered up.


But, as the fourth and fifth round came about Mayweather seemed to have gotten the rhythm of the UFC star right and started firing back, landing a right hand to the head of his opponent. The sixth round was more back and forth with Conor firing back. However, the Irish superstar seemed to get more and more tired as the fight progressed. That was significant because in MMA, the sport where Conor applies his trade, there are only Five - 5 minute rounds. And McGregor had already gone over and above that.



He toughened it out but his resistance broke late in the 10th round when Mayweather tagged him with two right handed power punches which left him staggering. As Floyd followed his to the edge of the ring, McGregor doubled up next to the rope, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.


Floyd Mayweather won the match via Technical Knock Out becoming the first boxer to get a record of 50 and 0 and will go down in the history as the greatest ever. He has constantly said that he is retiring after this fight and came back out of retirement to battle Conor.


McGregor, on the other hand, outfitted himself very well. Even the biased Boxing commentators were surprised at how many times McGregor was able to connect and stop Floyd’s advances. All being said, the fight quite literally lived up to its hype and McGregor’s stock will only go up on the heels of this fight. And, people are already awaiting his return to MMA to see how implements his new found skills from Boxing.


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