F1 Returns


Mercedes AMG Petronas Team: The Mercedes team leads the formula one standing even though their champion driver Lewis Hamilton is at No.2 position in the driver's championship. The silver arrows will try to help him finish at the top to close his gap to Sebastian Vettel.



Sebastian Vettel vs Lewis Hamilton: Seb and Lewis used to have a great relationship at the beginning of the season but, as the season has progressed their rivalry has heated up, their friendship has started to deteriorate. They have banged wheels and tried to sabotage each other with words all this season. Even though Vettel holds the No.1 position in the championship right now, with only 14 points separating them, this could be anybody’s season.



Kimi Raikonnen Vs Valteri Bottas: The battle of Fins or the battle of the number 2 drivers of the both the top teams seems to be heating up after Ferrari has some choice words for Kimi. Raikonnen seems to have revved up his engines and is putting consistent laps forward to keep his team mate and team ahead of the Mercedes driver. But his country man is never far behind and is looking for his opportunity to pounce on him.



Red Bull Racing Vs Force India: Although there is an 83 points gap between Red Bull and Force India both the teams are competing for the coveted No. 3 position in the F1 Championship. F.I. has clawed its way back towards R.B.R. with Max Verstappen’s car troubles. If the gap closes any further the proverbial gloves will come off and both teams might devolve to dirty tactics.



Williams Martini Racing Vs Toro Rosso:  Williams is the best of the mid field this season. That is a big drop from being the number 2 and number 3 spot they had 3 years ago. Now The Red Bull sister team Torro Rosso is just 2 points behind them. And with Williams long time driver, Filipe Massa’s health issues behind him and Torro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz charge, the battle for being the number 5 team and a spot at the developer's table is going to heat up.



McLaren Honda: McLaren used to be the top team on the grid. It was the team Lewis Hamilton won his first championship with. That was all before they made a deal with Honda to race with their engines.  Now their multimillion dollar deal seems to be withering apart every day. Will they break up or not? That is the question everyone around the track is asking.



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