Jinder Mahal- The Modern Day Maharaja

In a world where zero to hero stories do not exist, Jinder Mahal is busy proving everybody wrong. He went from being released from the WWE to becoming the WWE Champion. And now everybody in the world knows, you never hinder the Jinder.


FHM: We’ve heard that you work very closely with Vince McMahon, could you please expand on your relationship with him?
Jinder Mahal: Yeah, Vince and I have been working very closely for the last few months and that is great because Vince is truly a genius in sports entertainment business. He gives me great advice right from the point of me getting into the ring and also after I step out. He is always the first person I talk to after a match. He is a great guy, he is a great boss and he has a great mind for the business. So I am very lucky to have a great relation with him.


When you were released from the WWE, what was your motivation to turn everything around and reinvent yourself?
I struggled against my character in 3MB and the WWE. I struggled against Vince McMahon who said I was too sweet. I had kind of been a disappointment to myself and knew that I had to redeem myself. I could come back in the best shape, as the most aggressive superstar on the roster. I knew that I was just going to grow, and get better and better with every match. I kept on going forward and made minor improvements which made a big difference. You can see that from what I came back, as to what I am now, and imagine what I am going to be like an year from now. I will keep on improving.


You have wrestled around the world. What is the one place you want to wrestle, where you haven’t already?
I have been fortunate enough to wrestle in several countries and all the continents, except Antarctica (chuckles). The one place I haven’t wrestled for WWE is India. I have wrestled in India before for The Great Khali in CWE but I want to experience the WWE Universe in India. I am looking forward to that and hopefully it’ll happen very-very soon. I know WWE is very excited to return to India and it will be announced way sooner than you guys think.


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