Mahabali: Making an impact

FHM: Hello Shera. Looking at you, only one question comes in mind. What’s your fitness mantra?
Mahabali Shera: My fitness mantra is nothing but keeping myself healthy and be in the best shape possible. And I cannot compromise or discontinue my workout. Wherever I am today is just because of my fitness.


How does your day start?
I wake up early in the morning and drink plenty of water. I have my breakfast and then go to gym. This is how my day begins.


And then after gym? 
After gym I have my lunch, watch some nice movie with a message. If I get time then I watch wrestling too. I like spending time with my family. I try to make them laugh as much as possible. 


What’s your diet? 
10 eggs in the morning with bananas, oats and protein shakes. I eat chicken rice for lunch which is really heavy. And after sometime I eat some snacks and then in the evening I go for my cardio exercises. I eat around 5-6 meals a day.


How many years have you spent in this industry? 
I started wrestling in the year 2012, at that time I had done wrestling for only three months and then there was a gap of two and a half years and then later in 2014 I was signed by Team Impact Wrestling in Mumbai. So I have an experience of around two and a half years.


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