The first time we played Titanfall was in 2014, then we played its sequel in 2016 and now the developers, Particle City and Respawn, have brought Titanfall to the mobile games market. We spent more than 6 hours on the game to see how it is faring in the highly competitive mobile market.


The original Titanfall was a first-person shooter, so was its sequel. Titanfall Assault is not. It has been repackaged by the developers as a strategy game while keeping the whole Titanfall theme alive. That means that gone are the high mobility player battles, players riding rodeo on the Mecha robots and stealing their batteries. Even sabotaging the Robots, and shooting their opponents are gone. Instead, you are the commander of your battle troop trying to capture and then securing points on the map, while the player based A.I. battles you at every turn.


This makes the Titans and pilots you deploy very important. Take for example an Ogre class Titan, it uses an area denial weapon which is excellent against heavy weapon placements and other Titans. But against soldiers, it is slow and continuously gets peppered with shots. Similarly, an Atlas class Titan falls short against heavies but is great against small machine gun placements and pilots. Moreover, you have other cards like missiles which can do instant damage to your opponents in an area. It makes the game experience quite comprehensive and you have to take a bit of time to understand how the battle is going before deploying your troops in the battle.


What we don’t like about this game is the lack of high immersion battles that Titanfall brand is known for. As a regular player of this series you just want the ability to jump into a Titans seat or a pilot’s boots to fight.


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