What the hell is... BOSSABALL?

There is no shortage of wacky sports in this world; new ones are most likely being invented every day. One of the most recent additions to the series is Bossaball. Is it sounding like baseball? Well, it’s not the same. Bossaball is in fact, an exciting blend of volleyball, football, and gymnastics and it’s played on a trampoline.


What is Bossaball?
A distinctively acrobatic and lively game, bossaball is an exhilarating blend of sport, music and great fun. Mixing elements of volleyball, football, and gymnastics, a game of bossaball is played on a specially designed inflatable platform unified with trampolines in the middle.


Where the name Bossaball come from?
The name Bossaball was coined after the kind of music that is played during a match – bossa nova rhythms. Along with Latin American music, samba referees are also incorporated sometimes. These referees use whistles, drumming instruments and DJ decks to take the game up to new levels.

How to play this game?
The game has a slight variation of volleyball and in order to gain the points, it involves you to hit a ball over a net. Players can use any part of their bodies such as head, feet, and hands to reach the ball to hit over the net and into the opponents segment.

Number of players needed in one team?
The number of players in one team usually varies from 3 to 5. The teams can have  both male and female players with no restrictions on sexual category per team. One player will be placed on the trampoline section of the ring at all times with players revolving after every point.


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