Regardless of season, jeans is the first option!

Denim has become an essential part in the lives of both man and woman and is commonly seen in their wardrobes. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all had cherished loving moments in our denim attires. Not only this but also denim pants have become a significant part of our formal wear.


Do you know the similarity between men and women? It’s their love for denim. Regardless of the season and gender, people love denim. For many decades, this trend has been rocking the world with its different styles. But have you ever noticed how many styles of denim pants have become lives of us? No? Okay! Pay attention as FHM India has compiled everything which you should know.


High waist and tight style:

Tight and turtlenecks denim has brought closer to the legs and has become as universal as cigarettes.



Undone style:

The punk style has clutched its everlasting position in the world of fashion and clothing.



Skinny Look:

The tight pencil fitted denim is popular among girls. Girls prefer skinny style the most as it looks sexy like anything.



Parallel look:

Parallel style goes with all age group; ladies wear it with long kurtas and gents with shirts.



Bell-Bottom Style:

This style was hugely popular in the late 1960s to 1970s. This style was very iconic and much loved in that era.



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