01 Smell-free poop
You don’t want to fill the bathroom with an eye-watering poo stench while staying with a lady friend. Squirt these Post-Poo Drops in the loo to clear the air. Post-Poo Drops, `1,843,

02 Odeur agréable
Every man should have a separate scent for the night-time. Go French with this perfume from Gallic fashion house, Givenchy. Givenchy Gentlemen Only, `5,255,

03 Avoid rubdowns
No one wants to get a suncream massage from a mate. Get to those awkward places yourself with this handy sun protection spray; it’s water-resistant and one coat lasts 10 hours, meaning no more public lathering-up sessions. P20, `16,039 from

04 Brush up
Never travel without a brush and toothpaste in your hand luggage. Imagine chowing down on a pre-flight cheese and onion sandwich, and then finding out you have rank dog breath while sitting next to the girl of your dreams Black Marvis toothbrush, `309; Marvis toothpaste, `2,603

05 Chill out
Air travel can get the best of anyone. You can knock back a few pints but that often comes with a headache and mislaid luggage. Instead, try this genius pulse-point therapy; simply apply it to your temples and neck to ease stress, nausea and wiriness, then kick back and relax on your flight. Flight Therapy, `1,391,


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