What does your UNDERWEAR say about you?

A man’s choice of his undies can say a lot about his personality. Here’s how to find out yours!




Men who wear boxers are not fashionista type. They are laid back in life and enjoy their weekend on the couch of their home with a takeaway. They like to hang loose and are easy going, light hearted and not flashy at all. Comfort is their priority and they are least interested what’s trending on the ramp.




These guys know what they like and like what they know. These are classic gentlemen who have been taught that briefs are their only choice of undies. They are very practical in life but when it comes to ‘growing up’, they refuse to do so. Their mantra is, if it ain’t broken, why fix it!’




Men who wear boxer briefs are the best of the lot. This type is loyal in a relationship. They like the best of both the worlds – comfort of a boxer and support of a brief. They like going to the gym wearing these, and like to show off their ‘work’.



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