5 Biggest Hair Myths Debunked

5 Biggest Hair Myths Debunked

Weather is probably the most unpredictable forces in our country. When the temperature fluctuates its first effect is seen on our hair. From medicines to natural hair oil to different keratin therapies, we hit all possible door to save our beloved hair from falling off. Not only this, we are inundated with pieces of advice from every nook and cranny. A few of them might work wonders but most of them aggravate the problem. Don’t fall in the trap and let your hair be a victim of misinformation. From most obvious to complex myths that have bothered men from ages, let us debunk them once and for all.

#Myth 1 Weight loss=Hair loss
Weight loss is not directly linked to hair loss. Losing those extra calories is everyone’s fantasy. If you are overstraining yourself or under stress or medication or you are not taking an essential 8 hours sleep, you are likely to lose weight and subsequently your hair too. If you are closer to your standard weight and eating your veggies regularly, your hair will grow healthy and strong.

#Myth 2 Wearing Helmets will make you bald
Helmets are an inevitable part of a rider’s journey. But what if it becomes your biggest enemy? Yes, helmet causes hair-loss but only if it’s too tight for your head. It basically leads to Traction alopecia”, which results in gradual hair loss, due to constant pulling of hair in the backward direction. Choosing the right size will help you eliminate this problem. Also, maintain a clean and hygienic scalp. Greasy head due to sweat can elevate hair-fall.

#Myth 3 Vegetarians are more at the risk of hair loss
While studies have proven that a vegetarian diet is healthier than its counterpart, the people who completely rely on veggies have to keep a check on their protein level. Less consumption of protein can elevate hair-fall.

#Myth 4 Masturbation causes hair-loss
This is probably the most debated myth. The myth takes its form from the theories about protein loss or changes in testosterone level. But there is no scientific proof which confirms this. So it’s a no.

#Myth 5 Gelling will damage those strands
Hair gel undoubtedly causes hair to dry. Dry hair is more susceptible to damage. They eventually become thin. Styling it right and washing it off before sleep will not only prevent hair damage but also won’t hinder in hair growth.

Story By: Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India Magazine 

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