6 Things To Know About Hair Loss

6 Things To Know About Hair Loss

Although losing two or three strands of hair every now and then is normal, people tend to normalise if this happens every day. And before you notice, your hair starts losing its thickness, and eventually, you start developing bald spots. Bald spots and patches in your scalp are indications that hair follicles beneath that particular area are almost dead. As of writing this article, there is no medication or treatment in the world that gives a natural and individualised hairline. So, the best treatment for a receding hairline is to prevent hair fall, catch it at the onset and treat accordingly. But, before one begins with any kind of treatment, it is imperative to understand what causes excessive hair fall and how do you prevent yourself from going bald.

Deficiency of proteins in the diet

For hair to be healthy and shiny, a protein-rich diet is a must. The body tends to reallocate the proteins that were supposed to go to the hair for the rest of your body, in case your diet is not able to supply the adequate quantity of protein. Following a protein-rich diet that includes meat, chicken, fish, eggs, some cheese, dried beans, tofu, grains and nuts is one of the easiest ways to avoid excessive hair fall. For adults, this usually means two to three servings of protein a day.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are one of the most common reasons for hair loss. It creates an imbalance within the body and can hamper the regular, everyday functions and may even lead to temporary hair loss. A person having some thyroid issues as well is likely to hair loss problem. Consulting a physician, dermatologist or a hair expert is the only viable and effective solution in such a case.

Hairstyling tools

We all have tried styling our hair in some manner such as a blow dryer or a hair straightener. However, using these tools regularly and for prolonged periods of time is like taking a sledgehammer to a wall: there will be damage. Apart from hair loss, regular use of hair styling tools can make your hair brittle, look frizzy and lose their sheen. No matter what a manufacturer says, whether they use a special coating or if their products come with some advanced technology, styling products use some form of heat to temporarily soften the hair. It is imperative, therefore, that the usage of such products may be limited over a prolonged period.

Regular use of chemical products

Hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, gels etc. lure people with their attractive packaging and lucrative promises. However, these hair products, more often than not contain chemicals, many of which are extremely harmful to not just your hair, but your overall health as well. These products are responsible for making the shafts or the part that give length to your hair weak. A weak shaft leads to split ends, bald spots and numerous other issues. It is, therefore, advised to use shampoo in small quantities. Using organic shampoos and conditioners is another great option.

Sleep deprivation

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to sleep in late. Thanks to our hectic schedules and tight work deadlines, we hardly give ourselves the time to enjoy a peaceful and sound sleep. Sleeping disorders result in hair loss and if it is not controlled, it can also lead to baldness. It is recommended for adults to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep, regularly. Not only is it great for your hair and scalp, but it also benefits your overall health too.

Junk food

As much as you would like your burgers, pizzas and calzones, junk foods are the root cause for many diseases. Their long-term consumption also results in baldness. They may taste good, but often lack the basic nutrients that are required for growth and proper development of the body. Not only does it hinder development, but it is also the leading cause of having a high cholesterol count that may also lead to several heart diseases. Your diet should not consist of excess sugar, fat and salt, the three components that make junk food addictive and taste good.

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