Can tech gym gear look cool?

Can tech gym gear look cool?

Dilemmas of a man 

Can Tech Gym Gear Look Cool? Getting fit while looking sharp isn’t an impossibility. Looking brilliant while remaining in your very own puddle of sweat is no mean accomplishment, however with these tips and tricks, your closet can, at any rate, do a portion of the truly difficult work for you. Want to know more? Go right away!

Get your coat 

Throwing on any old hoody for the journey to the gym just won't cut it. Go for a lightweight ventilated jacket so if you fancy jogging to the joint, you won’t turn up with sweat patches the size of Lake Como.

Stay Loose

Some tech tops are so tight they always show the nips, cold or not. Thankfully, the Adidas range of climate response tees sweep the sweat away from the skin but don’t stick to you like cling film.

Cut It Short

When it says ‘ventilating mesh section at crotch’ on the label, it’s almost too much information – but no one wants sweaty balls after 10 push-ups.  Absolutely not! However, our favourite high street shop H&M smashes it when it comes to sportswear that delivers on design and function, round your groin and beyond.

Pull Your Socks Up

Make sure everyone knows you mean business when you step on to the treadmill with a retro pair of tennis pull-ups. These ’90s vibe ones have serious street cred – well, as far as socks go.

Kick Off In Cool Creps

Your trainers of choice are vital to your look and your running technique. Wearing your Converse is a schoolboy error. Go for a faithful wearable tech brand like Nike, and a pair like these Free Run 2s.

So, all the boys out there team up with the kit that works as hard as you do. 

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