Cut a Dash Grow a Beard

Cut a Dash Grow a Beard


Full beards are the most classic expression of the male beard. If you can grow a full beard, there’s nothing better than that.

HOW TO GROW: When growing a full beard, be sure to define the neckline. You may leave the cheek line natural, or if you believe that you got a little extra hair on cheeks, you may define a line at an angle from the sideburn in front of the ear down to the outer edge of the moustache. Don’t go for a cheek line that is too low or else the beard will appear gutted.


The goatee and moustache also known as padlock are pretty famous, especially amongst those with good growth in the moustache and chin areas but weak growth on the cheeks.

HOW TO GROW: Allow a larger area to grow than the size that you think you’d like. This will allow you more flexibility in determining the size of the coverage area for the goatee and moustache. Alternatively, you may grow a full beard and then shape it according to how you like it. The typical shape of a goatee and moustache is oval, with the moustache forming the top of the oval.


These are long sideburns that connect with the moustache. Remember Sabertooth (Liev Schreiber)? We know how much you liked how he styled his beard.

HOW TO GROW: Let your sideburns grow down to the corners of your mouth while you let your moustache grow, too (which is purely optional). Terminate the sideburns with a vertical line defined at each corner of the mouth. Define the bottoms along with your jawline.


The Bablo is a variation of the goatee and moustache wherein the goatee and moustache are not connected. The goatee is sculpted into a shape similar to an inverted letter ‘T’. You may omit the moustache if you want a little experiment.

HOW TO GROW: Same as the goatee an moustache. Once you’ve achieved enough growth to make a proper determination, you can shape it down to the required size and shape.


This too is a variation of the goatee and moustache, also known as the ‘Van Dyke’ or ‘colonel sanders’.

HOW TO GROW: Just grow a moustache along with a vertical strip down the center of the chin. Try growing the vertical strip a little wider than you think it should be. Later, when viewed after a sufficient amount of growth has been achieved, you may narrow the strip down if you prefer. Optionally, the bottom of the strip may be shaped into a point.


This is a variation of the goatee, also known as ‘the imperial’.

HOW TO GROW: Allow the small area immediately below the middle of the lower lip to grow. Set the size according to your own preference as well as your growth pattern.

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