Get Travel Ready

Get Travel Ready

No man’s arsenal is complete without a serious wash bag and product to match. Get travel ready without wasting your time searching for your stuff. 

01 Smell-free poop

You don’t want to fill the bathroom with an eye-watering poo stench while staying with a lady friend. Squirt these Post-Poo Drops in the loo to clear the air.

02 Odeur agréable
Every man should have a separate scent for the night-time. Go French with this perfume from Gallic fashion house, Givenchy.

03 Avoid rubdowns
No one wants to get a suncream massage from a mate. Get to those awkward places yourself with this handy sun protection spray; it’s water-resistant and one coat lasts 10 hours, meaning no more public lathering-up sessions.

04 Brush up
Never travel without a brush and toothpaste in your hand luggage. Imagine chowing down on a pre-flight cheese and onion sandwich, and then finding out you have rank dog breath while sitting next to the girl of your dreams.

05 Chill out
Air travel can get the best of anyone. You can knock back a few pints but that often comes with a headache and mislaid luggage. Instead, try this genius pulse-point therapy; simply apply it to your temples and neck to ease stress, nausea and wiriness, then kick back and relax on your flight.

06 Keep it fresh

This Mediterranean summer scent is ideal for every scenario, from tanning in the tropics to living it up under the Blackpool lights.

07 Don’t sweat it
The clever folk at Malin + Goetz have rounded up seven essential everyday grooming products including shampoo, shower gel and moisturiser into one carry-on approved pack.

08 Stay young
Cool your sunburn and protect your skin from getting wrinkly, peely and damaged by covering yourself with after sun. It really is a post-baking necessity.

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