Groomed To Perfection

Groomed To Perfection

Makeup has been synonymous to femininity since forever. The industry grapples with the identity politics electrified by the society and its norms. The market, which was once considered a social taboo in men’s world is probably the last bastions of feminity that men are embarking upon. Shifting the paradigm, men have reached far from where it all began. With the boom in the men grooming industry, the market for makeup has taken a steady road. It went through an extensive journey to open the doors for men who today, not only know how to apply the products but effortlessly flaunt them with sheer perfection.  


Primer is like a base on a blank canvas. It prepares your facial skin for everything which follows. It works as a saviour for oily skin and rules out the dryness too. Look for the specifications while buying. Make sure it suits your skin type. They are available in an array of colours. It solely depends on the skin tone. Applying primer may be considered optional but it works as a protection emulsion.


Though it may appear scary for the first time, the foundation provides a polished look, screening mild blemishes upon its application. The most important criteria for choosing the right foundation is matching it with your skin shade. They are accessible in a variety of skin tones. The explosive expansion of the online cosmetic industry has cleared are path even more. With a plethora of Vloggers making this industry more lucrative, it is all the more easy to pick the right shade for yourself.


Unlike other makeup ranges, concealer was the first product to be tried by men. It is not only efficient in concealing spots but also that hickey mark which you’ve been hiding with the turtle neck sweater. Select the shade which is one shade lighter than your normal skin tone. To use it right, Dab the product lightly under at the corner of your eyes, near the nose and under the eyes. Always use a concealer after applying the foundation for getting desired results. 

Story By: Anshika Seth, an Intern at FHM India Magazine 

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