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Hottest Ink

From tribal to trash polka and from pop-art to portraits, passion for tattoos hasn’t waned. The trend of tattoos has increasingly become minted in the life of men and women of the 21st century. Some people already plan and then get a tattoo of their own choice. But, it’s common for people to walk into a tattoo parlour with no ideas. Therefore, for such customers, tattoo artists have books full of creative design ideas for one to pick and select. 

There are many people who follow and honour the ancient art of tattooing, some follow the ritualistic tradition and others do it merely for aesthetic pleasure.

To make your life a little easier, we pick out 5 most popular tattoo designs that are loved by people.

  •  Tribal tattoo art: A spiritual art form that is still in trend. Such tattoos narrate the tales of people or legends with geometric symbols and patterns that have specific meanings. It is one of the oldest form tattooings originated from Polynesian cultures, which has now become popular in western culture.
  • Dolphin tattoos: This is more popular amongst the female audience, as it symbolises the aspects of a playful character and free-spiritedness. This tattoo style can be tribal as well as Celtic. 
  • Trash polka: One of the newest tattoo styles on the market, it is highly liked by the upcoming generation. Tattoo artists mix the elements of the design that vary from surreal and abstract to geometric and traditional. This style came up and became the centre of attraction in the year 2014. 
  • Neo-traditional tattoos: These tattoos are a modern variation of traditional tattoo trends. These tattoos are evolving, and are subjective to the artist's creative instincts.
  • Ambigram tattoos: They include words with unique letter design that are loved by both men and women, these tattoos are elegant and ornate. 


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